Thoroughly enjoyed myself (and this giant pickle) the state fair today 👌😄

And time for yoga! It’s actually been a really good Thursday and I’m leaving tomorrow to spend the long weekend at home!

Close up of the delicious, warm ratatouille I had with dinner tonight! Love how veggie friendly my school is ^.^
Anonymous: I would wholeheartedly suggest deleting. Having a recovery blog makes you define yourself with your illness. The only way you'll fully recover is if you essentially view yourself as normal, and not a fragile disordered mind in need of support. Throw yourself into the real world as just Kailey. The more you stop seeing yourself as disordered, the easier it is to realize it's all in your mind and completely curable. Maybe collect contact info of your closest friends on here? Best of luck <3

I love this, thank you xx

If anyone has experience with nail biting (and quitting it) HELP. it’s such a bad habit and I find that I do it when I am stressed/anxious/have a lot on my mind (aka all the time) and I am so tired of my nails looking like poop

Anonymous: I can relate Thanks for being brave

:* You are brave in my eyes too my dear

Anonymous: if you don't wanna delete you can maybe do something like Charlotte did, where she decided she didn't want to focus anymore on her Ed and turned her blog into just stuff she likes. obvs you'd still get some questions about how you're doing but it wouldn't have to be the center of attention. you can stay positive and recovery focused but it doesn't need to be so public, bc recovery is hard and it's not easy to put struggles out there for everyone to see.

Yeah, that’s a good idea. I think I may just distance myself. I want to be a part of the real world and less connected my my illness online.


Anonymous: I think it would be a really good idea for you to at least try out and to embrace college life! You're only a freshman once and now's the time to make friends and enjoy your classes without placing any more focus on your eating disorder than it already takes up in real life :)

That’s how I see it. And I feel like so much of this website keeps me sick.. I just hate to lose all the support and friendships I’ve made here :(

I might delete this blog. I don’t know..

Anonymous: Don't forget that everyone does recovery different. Your way maybe wouldn't work for someone else but that doesn't mean it won't work for you

I’m not sure what this is in response to, I never said that other anon was wrong!

Anonymous: honestly I don't know how you're going to gain weight and fully recover in college. coming from someone who was in your place, you still have sooo far to go and I had to take a year off to fully stabilize without all the stressors (plus break up with my boyfriend. I literally dropped everything). being away from home won't make you get better, only worse. I don't know why your parents and treatment team let you go away. good luck but don't be afraid to fully focus on yourself <3

I really appreciate your concern and ability to relate, but so far things have been so much better, let’s just hope that I can keep it this way as the semester goes on and stressors get added and what not. (: